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Yes, Mark’s Maintenance does lawn maintenance. Our lawn maintenance division specializes in lawn mowing, edging and clean-up. We come to your home or business on a continuous basis to manicure your lawn. In most cases we can provide a professionally serviced lawn for less than you can do it yourself. We have professional grade equipment for maximum efficiency. Call today for a free estimate. Relax, let us do the work.
Spring/Fall Cleanups
Mark’s Maintenance Lawn Care provides complete spring and fall cleanups to all our mowing and fertilization customers. Spring and fall cleanups consist of cleaning out of all ornamentals beds, and the removal of debris.

Shrub Trimming
Proper upkeep of hedges and bushes complements a great looking lawn. Pruning and trimming of shrubs and plants must be done with care to ensure that they thrive and that vital branches are not cut. Leave this difficult task up to Mark’s Maintenance to ensure perfect looking and healthy shrubs. In most cases the best time to prune shrubs is mid spring and late summer. Pruning in winter is not the best idea, as it increases the chances of tree mortality and slows down the plants healing rate. To keep your bushes and shrubs looking their best, we will use a powered or a hand held hedge trimmer depending on the requirements of the job. Trimming hedges and small bushes is essential in promoting their optimal health because it allows them to receive maximum sunlight and water.

Landscape Bed Maintenance - Hand Pulled Weeds
There is no reason to have a beautiful landscape design if it is not properly maintained and free of ugly weeds. Mark’s Maintenance will provide you with timely and professional maintenance of landscape beds throughout the growing season. All weeds will be removed from the flower beds and disposed off site. Available by request.

Mulching your landscape beds annually provides numerous benefits that go well beyond aesthetics. Mulch is a protective layer that is applied on top of soil. As you will see it acts as barrier that helps with weed control, retaining moisture, soil nutrition and overall beautification. Whether you use organic and inorganic mulch it’s important to reapply it every year. On average mulch decomposes annually. Many different types of mulch exist. Depending on your landscape layout and design we can match a mulch color and consistency that will complete your landscape.