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Our Lawn Care Program (fertilizing) consists of either a 4 or 6 step treatment plan per year. These treatments are scheduled at different intervals of dry fertilizer along with weed control. This program, coupled with good watering and mowing habits, provide your lawn with the basics for a beautiful and healthy lawn throughout the growing season.

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Proper Watering Tips
How You Water Your Lawn Can Make a Difference

During periods of drought conditions it is important that you water your lawn. If drought conditions extend too long, the grasses will react defensively to this and move into a dormancy state. They “harden off” in order to prevent complete loss of vital cell moisture. Once this dormancy state occurs, it takes 2-3 weeks of sustained moisture before the plants revive themselves. Sometimes certain localized areas in the lawn become baked and dried out to the extent that they become “hydrophobic”. In this state water is not absorbed and simply runs off. When this occurs it can be remedied by aerating these areas, or also apply a soapy detergent which will help break down the hydrophobic condition and allow water to be absorbed.

Proper Mowing Benefits the Turf

One of the most important factors in developing a fun, well-manicured lawn is the use of proper mowing techniques. Good mowing practices improve the quality of the turf, reduce weed infestation, help control water consumption, and lessen weather-related stress.
By the same token, improper mowing is the cause of more lawn, problems than any other maintenance practice. If you follow a few important guidelines when mowing, you can help the turf develop into a more healthy, attractive lawn.