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Mark's Maintenance
         Lawn & Home Care
I use commercial grade mower and set the blades to cut custom according to the proper grass height. I change direction every time I'm there so that your lawns do not get the “ruts or “lines” that after time affects the appearance of your yard. I mow the grass every week to the specified height.
I edge the perimeter of your property including the beds, trees, sidewalks and crack weeds in driveways and sidewalks.
I make sure to blow off all window sills , patios, pool area, sidewalks, driveways and any cars within the area of the home
Both Spring and Fall clean-up are important for the health of your landscape. I provide these services in hope that our customers realize I care for their properties as much as we do. They consist of; Spring Cleanup—Clean yard, trimming all bushes, weeding all beds, mulching, removal of old debris.Fall Cleanup—leaf removal and debris
Lawn fertilizers are made up of three major ingredients: nitrogen, phosphorus , and potassium. Nitrogen is responsible for growth and greenery, phosphorus promotes root and seedling development, and potassium promotes disease and drought resistance. If you want a thick, green lawn, your lawn care routine should involve the use of controlled release fertilizers which deliver a constant supply of nitrogen to the grass.
Planting of annuals in flower beds, hanging pots or in large pots is a great way to add color and vibrancy to your home. Let me take care of planting and caring for your annuals.
Minor tree trimming service is available. I use a Stihl pruning saw. Bush trimming is available. I use clippers and or a Stihl pruning saw.
You should always have a layer of 3” of mulch to prevent weed growth and to help retain moisture needed. Keeping your beds and tree circles filled in with mulch are important for a manicured look of the home.
Since every project is unique, this is only a basic list of some of the services that we provide.
Basic Lawn Maintenance Services:
Additional Lawn Maintenance Services:

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